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Uniform Clarification

Dear Parents/Carers

Further to my previous emails regarding the changes to uniform I wanted to clarify the expectations as we are aware of some mis-information being posted on social media.

Please note the following:

  1. Your child will not be required to wear their blazer or tie during Term 1. This is due to the guidelines that clothing must be washed daily to make that task easier for parents.
  2. As the summer draws to a close, if your child needs to wear an additional layer on top of their school shirt during Term 1 then they can wear a plain black v neck jumper. No other jumpers/hoodies will be permitted.
  3. All other items regarding uniform remains the same.
  4. Our uniform supplier does not yet carry stock with the new logo. The changes related to our logo will be phased in during 2020/2021. This means that once we agree the logo change with Channel Uniforms, all their existing stock will continue to be sold and the new logo will be added to new stock. You will not be required to buy new uniform with the new logo on unless you need to purchase replacement items for your child once the new logo items are in stock at Channel Uniforms.

We will review the situation regarding blazers before the end of Term 1 and advise what the requirements are for Term 2.

Should you have any queries please call the School Office.

Mr L Kane Principal