As we move towards the end of the summer term the sixth form students get the opportunity to spend a whole day working towards their UCAS applications during UCAS day.

UCAS day is put on to allow our students the opportunity to prepare prepare themselves for the University application process or if University is not for them they get the opportunity to research and apply for apprenticeships or potential forms of employment for when they leave school in 2020.

This year, 3 workshops were put on for our year 12 students. The first workshop was presented by Malcolm Scott and was on student finance. This gave students the opportunity to discuss the facts and 'myths' around student finance. It also gave our students the opportunity to have a go at budgeting. For some students it was a surprise how much food would cost and to question whether they really need such an expensive mobile phone contract. The Second Workshop was presented by two of our alumini Laura Scrivens Waghorn and Yasmin Smith. Both these students have contrasting University experience. Emma had just completed her first year at University and was living away from home whereas Yasmin had completed her second year but was commuting to University. Each of them spoke about their first hand experience of University and then the students were able to ask them questions which ranged from "Was it easy to make friends?" to "How much is a pint of beer?" The students really enjoyed this workshop and our alumini commented on how attentive they were. The final workshop was on personal statement writing. This was put on by Causeway education who are a charitable trust. This was extremely useful not only for students applying to University but for those applying for apprenticeships or even work and part time jobs. Students were shown what a good statement would like but also what a bad one looked like. The students said this was a very helpful because it helped them work out what was 'relevant' and what wasn't.

Finally the students had the rest of the afternoon to get themselves logged on to UCAS and to start searching for their future pathways.