'No turning back' by Kent Fire and Rescue November 2019

On November 21st, the whole of Year 12, from Astor College, was taken to a production on road safety at Mote Park, Maidstone. The production itself was put on by Kent Fire and Rescue in partnership with Kent Country Council. The performance was called ‘No turning Back’ and was aimed at new or soon to be young drivers.  Students had previously taken part in a pre-show lesson during tutor period and the performance was the second part. The format of the show was a drama about four sixth form age students going away for the weekend at the sea side. Unfortunately, the driver of the vehicle makes a fatal mistake when he attempts an overtaking procedure.  Two of his passengers do not survive. During the drama the students were stopped and asked to think about the decisions that were being made and the consequences of their actions. The drama was also broken up by talks from first responders, who gave an insight into what it is like to arrive at a road traffic incident. The students completed evaluations after the performance and many commented on how the show had changed their perceptions of ‘what causes a road accident’ and how ‘wearing a seatbelt should never be a choice but a habit.’ The production may not have been an easy watch, but it was a valuable life lesson which the students will take away with them and hopefully remember once they start driving.


Mr Davies ‘Deputy Director of Sixth Form Studies’