About Us

Astor School was established in 1948, since when it has grown considerably, not merely in size, but also in public esteem. In 2002 it was designated a specialist school and became Astor College for the Arts. It is widely recognised in the area as a college which maintains the highest standards in work, behaviour and personal appearance.

Parents know that much is expected of their daughters and sons and the highest goals are set, always within a context of care for the students and concern for what is appropriate for the individual. The family is at the heart of Astor's ethos and philosophy. 

A combination of traditional achievements and modern educational innovation produces those qualities of stability and imagination which go towards making today’s school uniquely popular. A happy and caring atmosphere is sought after by staff and students alike. The staff are extremely committed to providing richness of experience through a wide variety of extra curricular activities out of school hours, including weekends and holidays.

The visual arts are treasured at Astor. This work extends throughout the school environment, the local community and internationally.

Astor school is proud of its examination record. Our results are excellent by any standard. Many students of Astor school go on to Universities, Colleges of Art and Architecture, Agricultural Colleges and Colleges of Higher Education. Ex-students from all kinds of training and walks of life often return to maintain contact.

Courtesy and concern for others underpin life at Astor. Students are expected to respond to this and follow the codes of behaviour necessary to maintain it. Discipline is firm but fair, enabling all to share in the security of a well-ordered college community.

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