White Cliffs Theatre

The White Cliffs Theatre is a 268 seated theatre in the heart of Dover. Although Astor have been putting on productions since 1956, the theatre wasn’t opened until 1996. Since then, the theatre has put on over 50 productions with International Links in countries such as Croatia, Russia, USA and Belgium.

In 2001, the theatre was refurbished, and raked seating was installed. The theatre now includes retractable raked seating making it a multipurpose space, both conventional and LED lighting fixtures as well as modern lighting and sound desks.

Since 2019, we have been updating our house lighting systems and theatrical lighting fixtures to LED, making the building more energy efficient and an environmentally conscious space to work in.

As well as being a space for our students to learn and perform in, the White Cliffs Theatre is available for external hire. For more information, please use the venue hire tab below.

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Venue Hire

White Cliffs Theatre

Lighting Box

Full day hire (5 hours+) = £180

Half day hire (Up to 5 hours) = £120

*any hire of the theatre includes use of the connecting drama studio included in the price

Drama Studio

Drama Studio

Full day hire (5 hours+) = £100

Half day hire (Up to 5 hours) = £60

The prices above are flexible for extended or prolonged bookings. If you would like a more accurate quote for longer bookings, please contact