Welcome to the Relationships, Sex and Wellbeing Education page.

In our RSWE lessons students will find out about and explore all aspects of health: being physically healthy, being emotionally healthy, being mentally healthy and maintaining healthy relationship with ourselves, with friends, romantic partners and colleagues. 

Every student will have an hour of RSWE every fortnight. The curriculum, which is designed to  is designed to compliment Life Skills. Think of it like this: RSWE helps students understand how their wellbeing and health affects the world around them, and Life Schools covers how the world affects them as individuals.

The goal of RSWE is that our students become resiliant, that is to say, they can manage with whatever life throws at them. Feeling emotional and having days when your mental health isn;t as good as it could be is normal, but how you let those feelings impact on your life and how you behave with others when you feel emotional is what we need to manage if we are going to be fully-functioning and happy individuals.

Topics covered over the five year course at Astor include: sexual health, pregnancy, emotional wellbeing, healthy eating, sleep, managing anxiety, the benefits of exercise, coping with loss and maintaining consensual, healthy relationships.

For a full inventory of the topics we cover you can look at the Scheme of Work for all years if you go to the RSWE Scheme of Work All Years document in the Curriculum section of Documents on this website. There is also a Key Vocab sheet uploaded here too, so you will be able to support your chid with literacy at home if you so wish.

If you have any questions, please email the head of RSWE, Dr Clare Stubbs:





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