Designated Safeguarding Lead: Lee Kane, Headteacher, Astor Secondary School

The Safeguarding Team

Astor Secondary School has a highly committed and skilled team overseeing all aspects of safeguarding within the academy.  All the team are trained at the same level as the designated safeguarding lead and promote proactive safeguarding to all students. 

Lee Helen2 Jenny
Lee Kane
Designated Safeguarding Lead
Helen Jarvis
Wellbeing and Welfare Lead
Designated Safeguarding Deputy
Jenny Millington 
School Social Worker
Designated Safeguarding Deputy
Rebecca Jamie Vicki bawtree2
Rebecca Dutton
Assistant Headteacher
Designated Safeguarding Deputy
Jamie Partridge
Behaviour and Attitudes Manager
Designated Safeguarding Deputy
Vicki Bawtree
Wellbeing and Welfare Officer
Stacey   Carol
Stacey Lodder
Head of Year 7
Designated Safeguarding Deputy
Melanie Williams
SENCo & Head of Mathematics
Designated Safeguarding Deputy
Carol Boxall 
Safeguarding Trustee 
Designated Safeguarding Deputy


Please take a look at our Astor School Safeguarding Bulletin for further information and support: 

Safeguarding Bulletin 

Link to Staff Code of Conduct 

LADO Team: 03000 410 888

Area Education Officer: Marisa White, 03000 418 794

Kent Safeguarding Children multi-agency partnership

As a relevant agency, Astor Secondary School is committed to the vision - 

To protect children from harm and prevent them from the risk of being harmed, support their recovery from harmful situations and improve our services through learning.

The Kent Safeguarding Children Multi-agency Partnership Arrangements can be viewed by clicking here.

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Community Links

Astor Secondary School works to ensure that your child receives the best possible educational experience and will never be complacent in achieving this end.  With this in mind, and a focus on behaviour and community relationships, we have access to a Youth Engagement Officer (YEO) within the Dover Community Safety Unit.  Working with the YEO has become standard practice in our Academy and other Schools, and we have seen the benefits that this joined up working brings to the students and the community.  Along with the YEO we work closely with Kent Police and attend regular meetings to build links and establish a culture of proactive safeguarding.  Through our community policing links, the safeguarding team have worked on some key issues for our students including grooming, missing, bullying, County lines and anti-social behaviour.