Personal Development (RSE-PSHE-RE)

Our Vision

The Personal Development department at Astor wants to encourage students to engage in self exploration through questioning and debate in order to increase mental and physical wellbeing. Students will gain a healthy understandig of their rights and entitlements along with how they can thrive in society by looking at Wider World topics such as the law, British Values, religions, different lifestyles choices and relationships. 


The aim of the Personal Development Curriculum at Astor is to enable students to:

  • Make informed decisions
  • Understand how to look after their own and others mental health
  • Understand how to look after their own and others physical health
  • To development a solid knowledge of the Wider World such as the importance of having financial literacy and how to increase one's employability
  • To create healthy attitudes and ideas surrounding relationships
  • To develop a sense of pride in relation to a diverse society, by understanding British Values and becoming an Active Citizen within the community

We achieve this with our students by encouraging a safe and healthy environment for debate where they are encouraged to question each other's beliefs and ideas to learn from one another. Students are encouraged to read around the news forming opinions based on fact and research to enable a solid understanding. This is backed up by termly current affairs tutor activities including quizzes. Students are actively encouraged to focus on discussion and share their ideas within class. 

In addition to curriculum lessons the Personal Development department is involved in arranging suitable assemblies and tutor activities for students to take part in. Most recently we have provided Bullying assemblies delivered by the Police, wellbeing workshops delivered by the Lancaster project's NHS school's team as well as the first of our cultural assemblies celebrating our Roma community.

This year we also saw 60% of our year 11 students achieve a Level 2 qualification in Student First Aid something which will increase their employability - we are very proud of them. 

For any enquiries please contact Mrs R Fuller, Lead Teacher of Personal Development.